Supsquatch Tour in St. Maarten

The Supsquatch Tour in St. Maarten is the new way to surf! Imagine surfing on a giant surfboard with friends, welcome to the Supsquatch excursion! Join us in Galion Bay for a crazy day of giant surfboard surfing. THIS TOUR IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE!


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Excursion Description:

Exclusive in the Caribbean!

Have you heard of the new trendy sport in Hawaii, it is now exclusive to St. Maarten throughout the Caribbean!

The beast has a name “SUPSQUATCH”, this new board is a huge inflatable (safe) Stand Up Paddle board ad is currently one of the most fun wave riding sports at the moment.

It’s a mix between surfing, stand up paddle, canoe surfing and rafting, yes, all that in one board!

This is a safe way to surf with your friends, we take 6 people on the board and the instructor steers the board at the back, like in rafting.

There is a short briefing with your surf instructor on the beach, 10 minutes, after we paddle to the surf spot.

You sit on the board with outrigger canoe paddles, when the guide say “Let’s go”, you just have to paddling a few seconds and we catch the wave, stop paddling and stand up with your friends or family and surf together!

it’s open to everyone, we accept kids from 14 years old, you have to know how to swim.

Lots of fun and surfing guaranteed!

Where to go:

  • Windy Reef Watersports Center
  • Galion Bay Beach
  • St. Martin

Supsquatch Tour in St. Maarten

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