Four things to do in St. Maarten

January 8, 2021

St. Maarten is an island that is part of the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean, and is especially interesting because the peaceful dual ownership of the island is divided between France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  St. Maarten is the Dutch side of the island and St. Martin is the French side.  If you’re looking for a wonderful place to have a great time, look no further because St. Maarten has it all. This article will help you learn more about the options for things to do in St. Maarten.Beaches


Excursions in St. Maarten would not be complete with some time spent at the beautiful beaches.  Snorkeling, diving, sailing and windsailing are just some of the popular ocean activities that you can do.  Cupecoy Beach is a popular destination near the French border and Dawn Beach is an amazing spot to watch a sunrise. Great Bay is a beautiful white sand beach where you can see and be seen, and Guana Bay is a more secluded area.Nightlife


The Dutch side of St. Maarten is known for a fabulous nightlife, complete with casino hotels.  St. Maarten’s offers a wealth of nightclubs and hot spots, whether you want to dance a hole in your shoes or relax with a local rum, you’re sure to find the perfect place to enjoy the warm night air in St. Maarten.Shopping


Shopping is one of the excursions in St. Maarten that is popular with all tourists.  You can find an amazing selection of local art, handcrafted items, jewelry, tobacco, liquor and exotic food.  Since the island enjoys a Duty Free status, there is no problem with importing goods – which means great deals for you.  This  makes shopping one of the most popular activities in St. Maarten.Sights


St. Maarten features many wonderful sights to see, loved by tourists and locals alike.  One of these is a gorgeous restored Italian carousel, known simply as The Carousel which is the perfect destination if you bring children to the island. Marigot Market offers shopping and local flair and Ft. St. Louis is a popular historical attraction.  You shouldn’t miss the butterfly farm where you can see hundreds of beautiful butterflies.Whether you’re looking for a wild nightlife or a beautiful beach getaway, you can have it all and more when you plan a vacation to St. Maarten.

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