Marigot in St. Martin / St. Maarten, is it worth seeing?

January 14, 2021

The answer is yes, of course! How can one visit St. Maarten and not check out Marigot. There is so much to do and see in this small historic French town.To start off, there is the local market where all the locals sell their vegetables, fruits, goats, fresh catch of the day and Caribbean spices.

marigot spices, st maarten

As you walk around the market, you also find plenty of great local traditional clothes should you wish to be dressed in the St. Martin traditional style!

marigot, st maarten

hot sauces st maarten

St. Maarten is also home to some very hot and spicy sauces that you should definitely try and bring back home to friends! More greatness about Marigot, it has a strong European culture and you can taste it! There are French bakeries all around Marigot and the pastries are to die for. So start of your day in St. Maarten with a breakfast in Marigot before exploring the local market.

bakery st maarten

Marigot is also full of high end fashion boutiques if you are looking for designer clothes and products. Feeling sporty? Hike to the top of Fort Louis to appreciate the view, well worth the effort of getting to the top!

Fort Louis, Marigot St. Martin

If you want to visit Marigot and are arriving by cruise ship or don't have a car? Don't worry, we have excellent island guided tours that can pick you up at the cruise terminal or your hotel. All our island guided tours stop in Marigot to soak up the French local culture!

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