January 10, 2021

There are two main areas for shopping, one in each Capital of St. Maarten & St. Martin.


In Marigot (French side), you will find high end luxury shops selling the latest fashion trends and goods from Europe with shops such as Hermes, Act III, Lancel, Maxmara, Ralph Lauren, L’occitane, Kenzo, Cartier, Mont Blanc, Chanel and so much more! Make sure you check out the West Indies Mall too, an air conditioned mall full of very nice boutiques geared for the most picky of clients! The stores open at 09h30 and close around 18h00 with a midday break from 13h00-15h00. The French like their lunchtime!

Front Street in Philipsburg is itself, an experience alone just walking through it, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of busy shoppers with boutiques left and right. In Front Street, there is only one way to buy, Negotiate!


As you enter shops, you will see buyers bargaining hard and sellers bargaining even harder. Everyone wants the best deal they can get and that’s the game here in Front Street, don’t settle on the first price you get and certainly not on the shelf price. The street is packed with Jewelry shops and electronics stores.

Philipsburg is the place to get jewelry for your wife and a PlayStation for the kids and finish off the day on Great bay beach sipping frozen drinks only a 10 second walk away from the shops. The stores are usually open all day from 09h30 till 18h00, most are open during lunch. All goods are Duty Free. Parking in Marigot and Philipsburg can get tough and somehow, everyone still manages to squeeze in!

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