Jet Ski Tour in St. Maarten Blown Away by Jumbo Jets on Shortest Runway in the World

January 2, 2021

SXM Deals fun thrilled jet ski tour in St. Maarten now cruises to the shortest airport runway in the world where jumbo jets perform amazing landings only a few feet away from tourists on Maho beach, St. Maarten.

Tourists around the world come to the tropical paradise known as St. Maarten in the Caribbean to watch one of the island's most highly rated attractions, jumbo jets performing extraordinary landings at Juliana airport. The planes literally pass just a few feet above bystanders sitting on the beach. This unique attraction can now be experienced in a jet ski tour in St. Maarten.The exciting Happy Hour Jet Ski Tour is a 1 hour and 30 minute action packed excursion. The tour begins on the lagoon in Simpson Bay on the Dutch side of St. Maarten. Guests take the jet skis across the entire lagoon past multi-million dollar yachts all the way to the French side of the island. Upon arrival in St. Martin, drivers have to carefully maneuver the jet skis through the French draw bridge out to sea.As the jet skis clear the bridge, the island of Anguilla becomes an apparent landmark on the horizon with its very flat silhouette. At this point, drivers are given the opportunity to test each jet ski's power, speed is just the beginning.The St. Maarten jet ski excursion makes its way past many beaches on the French side such as beautiful Bay Rouge, Plum Bay and the ever stunning Long Bay beach. This marks the half way point where customers jump off their jet skis to enjoy warm Caribbean waters. Drivers and passengers swap places and get ready for the next stop, the most interesting and exciting point of the day.The jet ski adventure continues on to Maho beach further up the coast. Juliana airport sports one of the most famous and shortest runways in the world where jumbo jets land and is located only a few feet off the very visited Maho beach.At this point, jet ski riders are invited to maneuver themselves directly into the incoming planes path as they prepare to land.The jet ski group then experiences the amazing roar and sheer power of a jumbo jet, KLM 747, pass over heads only a few feet above.Juliana airport's runway has made headlines around the world many times for its very controversial fence that separates the runway and the beach. Bystanders usually hold on to the fence located only 10 meters behind jumbo jets preparing to take off.The jet skis remain at a safe distance but close enough to feel the back blast from each plane as they make their run down the runway.

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