Grand Case, a typical Creole town in St. Martin

January 12, 2021

Picture a quiet, mile long, white sandy beach with azure colored water, the view of Anguilla and Creole Rock. Welcome to the beach of Grand Case! Before tourism, the local inhabitants made a living from fishing and salt extraction whilst growing plantain, callaloo and corn to eat. The village was the epitome of French Caribbean style and fashion. After tourism arrived, the Creole houses on either side of the main road transformed themselves into restaurants, boutiques, art shops and small hotels without losing that wonderful laid back atmosphere. During the day, the main road is quiet, with a few boutiques and art shops selling stylish apparel and souvenirs.  A few restaurants are open for the lunch time trade.


Take the time to walk to the northern end of the street and you will find the Tijon Perfumery where you can create your own scent. If you fancy a dive or snorkel there is Octopus Divers who have established a great reputation as one of the best on the island.[layout][half]The beach is one of the calmest on the island so it's safe for kids and elderly with a gentle slope. The old concrete pier is popular with the locals for fishing, you'll often see kids jumping off it into the water. The sleepy, ex-fishing village explodes into life in the evening when all the shops and restaurants open. It's this time that gave the village the title of'Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean' and it's well deserved.


Grand Case Pier

Every purse and taste is catered for.

From January to March every Tuesday night sees the front street transformed into a carnival and craft fair .


Grand Case at night

Cars are banned and  the main road is lined with stalls selling local drinks, food, art, handmade gifts and souvenirs. Then at 8 o’clock the carnival starts with marching drum bands and carnival costumed dancing girls. Live reggae music at The Blue Martini is a must on Tuesdays with a great menu and outside garden, there is a band and dance floor, wonderful. For a taste of very local cuisine, there are Lolo’s open for lunch and dinner. A group of outdoor BBQ based restaurants where you can smell and see your fresh local fish/ rib’s/lobster/chicken/corn/gambas being cooked. All served on plastic plates with plastic cutlery, it may be cheap but it’s very, very tasty and quite an experience. The Lolo’s are on the beach side of the street so you have a wonderful view of Anguilla and Creole Rock. They are located near the concrete pier so you can watch the kids jumping into the sea. Some Lolo’s are also streetside so you have a great view of all the activities on the road too.


Lolo "Talk Of The Town"

A colorful Creole style boutique situated opposite the Culture center and car park, is the storefront for Calmos Cafe, a tapas and local cuisine restaurant where you can sit at your table with your feet in the sand…….on the beach. On Thursday and Saturday nights, there is live Salsa and Reggae music if you feel like a dance.


Calmos Cafe Beach restaurant

Zenit is the other restaurant with tables on the beach. Their menu of snacks, local and international dishes is all served by a friendly and relaxed staff. Italian restaurants in Grand Case are certainly worth a mention too! There is Spiga restaurant, within a beautiful restored Creole house. Reservations are recommended. Another great choice is Il Nettuno located on the water and open for lunch and dinner. Enjoy a wonderful view of Anguilla and Creole Rock whilst savoring homemade pasta and seafood. For gourmet French cuisine, L'Escapade is one of the best specializing in fish and lobster. These are so many more places to eat and visit, Grand Case's boulevard is lined with great cafe’s, restaurants and shops. So, no matter what time of day you visit, you're sure to have a great experience! Written by Lindy (the pirate) Green

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