Getting Married in St. Maarten On A Boat And The Beach

January 12, 2021

Destination weddings are increasingly popular because they offer a once in a life time experience for the wedding party, it gets you out and about in the sunshine for an active celebration, and it can be a way to cut down the guest list!. Whether you’re flying to St. Maarten for your wedding or are arriving by cruise ship, St. Maarten has the perfect, beautiful tropical backdrop for your wedding.


The beautiful beaches on St. Maarten will make for breathtaking wedding photography. The warm sun and white sand beaches will make your wedding a spectacular moment with all the breathtaking beauty the Caribbean has to offer. Most wedding events in St. Maarten spend very little time decorating the ceremony location as there is very little need to.


If you’ve decided that St. Maarten is your destination but you’re not sure where to go or have the wedding ceremony? You can organize a private charter on a sail catamaran to accommodate your entire group and sail to a deserted beach populated only by the occasional iguana or goat. Private boat charters for weddings are ideal as they offer a full open bar, seating, shade, great lunch or dinner and the opportunity to stop at any beach for a swim and more importantly, find the perfect beach for your wedding ceremony and party!


Ultimately, it’s your wedding day and you don’t have to follow the norms and do what every other bride is doing. When you choose to get married in St. Maarten you have the opportunity to marry your love in one of the most romantic, beautiful places in the world but you also have the freedom to celebrate your way, in paradise.If you are interested in chartering a boat for your wedding ceremony or wedding party, contact us via our Private Charters page here!

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