SXM Deals Helps Alleviate St. Maarten Travel Woes in Preparation for Peak Season

September 26, 2013 by SXM Deals No Comment

Online tour company, SXM Deals, offers new features, tips, and exclusive content to help travelers plan vacations to St. Maarten with ease, even during the fast-approaching peak season.

Peak travel season to St. Maarten and many Caribbean isles is quickly approaching. An Expedia-type online booking site, SXM Deals, plans to help make many travelers experience the best yet with enhanced features to secure the best rates on boat tours, excursions, and activities around St. Maarten.

According to an article recently released by Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc., Jessica Hosmer states that St. Maarten becomes “one of the busiest and most congested” destinations from mid-December to mid-April.

In light of the increased travel to St. Maarten, this season promises to be busier than first time island-goers, residents, and avid travelers have seen in the recent past. Princess Juliana International Airport has seen an increase in total flights booked in the first half of 2013 already, and CEO and owner of SXM Deals, Michael Rouveure, expects the next six to eight months will be no different.

“We’ve added tours to gear up for the busy season, and plan to add a lot of exclusive content and tips through means like social media and email newsletters,” said Rouveure. “My number one tip to travelers would be to book activities, tours, and excursions in advance with hotel and flight accommodations.”

The famous cruise company, Carnival, has added a recent satisfaction guarantee to all cruises to enhance the passenger experience, and which will also likely increase cruise bookings to St. Maarten this season. However, experienced Caribbean travelers and veterans in the tourism industry like Rouveure know that the real challenge starts after the flights land and the boats dock.

“SXM Deals provides a wide range of activities because we realize the diversity and the needs of our travelers. Some may want a child-friendly beach atmosphere, or something more romantic like a sunset cruise around the island. Popular excursions and boat tours fill up rather quickly, so the features we’ve added the past few months have been in preparation for this high influx of bookings,” continued Michael.

SXM Deals is the only major tour company to offer a fully functioning online booking experience specifically dedicated to St. Maarten tours. To date, SXM Deals has helped over 3,000 members decipher which are the best boat tours and activities in St. Maarten.

With the SXM Deals booking service, visitors are guaranteed high quality St. Maarten excursions based on guest reviews and excellence of service. More importantly, visitors can research all the newest tours before arrival and book in advance to secure with peace of mind the ideal experience by avoiding last minute fully booked tours.

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