Sweet Tooth in St. Maarten

January 22, 2015 by SXM Deals 1 Comment

Do you like candy? If you answer “no”, my next question for you is “which planet did you originate from?” Oh, you say “yes”? Good, as this next article is all about sweet, delicious, over the top, sensitive-tooth-hurting candy!

Remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Nobody knew what happened to Willy Wonka after he retired, but I do! He has moved to St. Maarten!  He couldn’t keep up his retirement as he loves candy too much,  and he now goes under the disguise as “the Candyman” in Philipsburg.


And I believe he also borrowed Mary Poppins’ bag, remember the one that seemed to have no bottom?

Our Sint Maarten Candyman has taken up a shed, no bigger than a garden shed, fixed it up so sweet that it looks like you’re passing the witches’ house of Hansel and Gretel , and filled it beyond capacity with candy from all over the world… Seriously, it’s amazing how much candy you can find in this little store! Yet he makes it fit somehow, which makes me believe he borrowed Mary Poppins’ bag, and applied it to his store somehow…


What makes me believe even more that he’s in secret Willy Wonka, is the fact that he just appeared one day… He wasn’t born on our island, wasn’t a frequent visitor of some sort, but just one day popped up!

He says his mother was worried about him as he hadn’t taken a vacation in a while when he still lived in Toronto, and sent him on a cruise. One of the stops was St. Maarten, where he claims to have fallen in love with our Caribbean paradise. Granted, who wouldn’t… Have you SEEN our paradise?


Ok back to Willy Wonka, uh The Candyman: another clue, he admits to being a lover of candy all his life… Ah ok, everyone is…

But here’s the ultimate clue: Remember when Willy Wonka was looking for a kid to take over his factory, he looked for someone with morals and values? How’s this  for morals: our Candyman safeguards love letters from passing crewmembers who live on boats at sea, and makes sure they get delivered to the other halves… Sweet as candy, isn’t it?

Did I mention nobody knows his true name? Seriously… I’m telling ya, it’s Willy! Willy Wonka!


The Candyman’s store, at the head of Philipsburg, is a hidden gem for all candy lovers young and young at heart.  He has candy from every part of the world, Dutch favorites, British favorites, American favorites and then some you’ve surely never even heard about!

If it’s candy, he’s got it!

And if you are from another planet  and answered “no” to my opening question at the beginning of this article, you will love the Candyman himself! He’s such a nice, sweet as candy, cool dude who will be delighted to share his tips and advice about our paradise island with you…

His opening hours are from 7am until 8pm (or later if he wants to make more people happy with candy).

Be sure to check out his facebook page under “St Maarten Candy Man”, and check out the cool pictures and albums he has up…

Written by “Rockstar” Jennefer Pers.

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Jennefer December 31, 2017 at 7:22 am

Marty pulled out of sweet sxm after Irma. He’s opened up shop on another island.
Sxm will rise again, with or without leavers!

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