St. Maarten information - Cellular Phone Rentals

If you need a cellphone for your next vacation to St. maarten & St. Martin, then look no further because Sharon’s Cellphone rental service, Queen of SXM, is the best with the most attractive calling rates backed up by excellent customer service & support. We highly recommend Sharon if you need to rent a cellphone or phone chip!

To rent a phone, please visit Sharon’s website here:

You may find Sharon at the Royal Palm Beach Resort Hotel located in Simpson Bay.

Below is a message from Sharon about her services!


The cost of renting a phone for one week is $20.00 with no time put on the phone in advance. The second weeks rental is $15.00, additional weeks are $10.00 each & additional days are $3.00 each.

You can choose to put on as much or as little time on the phone as you feel you may need. You can put on as little as $5.00 (16 minutes) or nothing if that is what will meet your needs since all incoming calls are free to you.

The rate to call the US is .32 per minute, Canada .48 per minute, Dutch side .25 per minute, French side .30 per minute with all billing done in 1 second increments. These are only a sampling of the rates since these phones can be used to call anywhere in the world.

Texting is available at the rate of $.14 per text to the US/Canada & $.05 per text on island.

All incoming calls & texts are free to you with only the caller/texter paying. I provide you with the phone, charger, car charger & a carrying case. Additional phone cards can be purchased at many locations on the Dutch side including all the gas stations should you need them. There are also many locations now on the French side where you can buy additional time. My carrier has more locations for buying extra time than any other carrier on the island.

We can also send additional time to your phone upon request from you in just a matter of seconds regardless of where you are & no other carrier or rental service can do this for you.**As of 12/15/12 we will have a limited number of phones available with QWERTY keyboards & internet access set up on them. The rental rate for these phones are $30.00 for the first week, $20.00 for the second week & additional weeks are $15.00. Additional days are $5.00 but we will not rent these phones for less than a one week rental. The cost for the internet access is $.55 per day unlimited but please note that the internet service on phones here is much slower than what you may be used to.

The phones have voice mail & call waiting so you never have to miss a call either while swimming or partying or just taking a snooze to the sound of the surf.


The rental fee must be paid in cash but the $100.00 deposit can be secured with a credit card or cash whichever you prefer.

I am located at Royal Palm Beach Club in Simpson Bay by the bridge for pick up & return of the phone. Pick ups can be made between the hours of 10:00am & 7:00pm 7 days a week unless previously arranged otherwise. We do offer a delivery & pick up service on the Dutch side for a $5.00 fee each way, however, we no longer make airport deliveries due to parking fees & time constraints. We can arrange to deliver the phone to you when you reach your car rental companies office.

If you decide to rent a phone from me I will send you your number in advance. You should contact me about 21 days (not a requirement just a suggestion epecially during high season) before you are coming just to confirm & give an approximate arrival time. I also need to know your exact rental dates, arrival info such as airline, flight number & scheduled arrival time & where you will be staying on the island. I will then send you back your number 5 days before you are due to come down. This enables you to give the number to people at home before you leave.

I hope I have answered all of your questions but if not please feel free to ask.



To find out more, please visit Sharon’s website here: