Windy Reef Windsurf Tour

Windy Reef Windsurf Tour in St. Maarten

Windy Reef Windsurf Tour in St. Maarten is the best way to learn how to windsurf in St. Maarten, if not the entire Caribbean! Our windsurf club benefits from an ideal location and soft winds just right for learning how to windsurf. We welcome families and friends of all ages. We 100% guarantee that you will be standing and windsurfing by the end of your first lesson! Book Now!

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Tour Description:

All guests are welcomed to our Windy Reef SXM Windsurf Club, located on the beach in Galion Bay which is part of the French marine reserve.

Galion Bay beach is one of the best spots in the Caribbean to learn how to windsurf, when it comes to learning the basics, having fun and improving, our spot is the ideal location due to the constant winds and protection of the reef from swell. You simply won’t find a better suited location for windsurfing.

We are a Fanatic board center and change our material once a year to make sure we provide high quality equipment for all our customers.

The windsurf lesson first starts off on the beach with demonstrations and instructions about how to position your feet on the board and use the sail.

You then jump into the water with your windsurf board and sail along with the instructor.

For 1 hour, the instructor will be right next to you, guiding and instructing as you practice windsurfing.

As the hour goes on, you will get better and we will teach you more tricks and maneuvers!

We end the day with an informative debriefing about the session.

We have a guaranteed success rate of 100%, we’ve been teaching for the last 20 years here on Galion beach!

Where to go:

  • Windy Reef Waterpsorts Center
  • Galion Bay Beach
  • St. Martin


Important! If you do not have a car, we can organize paid transport from the cruise ship terminal or the hotel. Simply let us know once you have made a booking and we will organize everything!

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Windy Reef Windsurf Tour in St. Maarten