Pirate Beach and Snorkel Tour in St. Maarten

Explore St. Maarten & St. Martin with either the Black Bart or the Calico Jack, two 36 foot modern day pirate boats that rip through the water with grace, style and comfort. Come seek the hidden treasures and jewels of the Caribbean with us on this St. Maarten excursion.

Excursion Photos:

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Excursion Description:

Departing from Dock Maarten Marina in Philipsburg venture out into the beautiful Caribbean Sea and get scenic views of both the Dutch side and French side. We will make our way past the Dutch side of the island and under the bridge and into the Simpson Bay Lagoon, the largest lagoon in the Caribbean.

There you will see the multi million dollar yachts such as “Limitless” owned by Victoria Secret and the French Governors family home. Exit the Lagoon on the French side of the island in the capital of Marigot and follow the coast line all the way past the island and to our first stop “Tintamarre Island” where the myth of hidden treasures still exists.

Explore the Island and take beautiful pictures and see the historical slave walls built in the eighteen hundreds and walk along the pristine white sand beach. Look for hidden treasure,finders keepers,but don’t tell anyone! Then let us take you to another gem only obtainable by boat Pinel Island.

Walk along this beautiful sand bar beach, sit down and relax in the crystal clear shallow water and have a drink.

Let us treat you to lunch followed by the best snorkeling St.Martin has to offer! Get back in the boat and see the other side of the island and get an ocean view of what is hidden behind the walls and gates of the French and Dutch Low Lands.

Beautiful estate homes of the rich and famous, see where the famous stars stay. Stop at Sunset Beach Bar and watch the planes come in overhead and then ride the oncoming waves of the Caribbean Sea back to Dock Maarten.

A final pass along Simpson Bay Beach and back to our dock for a refreshing beverage (water, soft drink or beer) on us!

Where to go:

  • Pirate Tours
  • Dock Maarten
  • Philipsburg
  • St. Maarten

Important! Only a 10 minute walk from the cruise ship terminal in Philipsburg.

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 Pirate Beach & Snorkel Tour in St. Maarten