Luxury Helicopter Tour in St. Maarten

The Luxury Helicopter Tour in St. Maarten is our longest helicopter excursion where we fly over the entire French side of the island and around Anguilla too. The helicopter flight last 25 minutes. Book Now!

Excursion Photos:

Excursion Description:

On the Luxury Helicopter Tour in St. Maarten, we fly all around Anguilla and over the Northern tip of St. Martin. The flight is 25 minutes of amazing scenery.

Interesting places we fly above: 

  • Over the French marine reserve: Pinel and Tintamarre island.
  • Off to the white sandy beaches of Anguilla: Shoal Bay, Sandy Island, Meads Bay, over to the South side and the 5 stars Hotels at Maundays Bay, Cove Bay.
  • Anguilla channel and Grandcase .



Where to go:

Upon arrival you will be met by our staff, who will ask for a copy of the passport and the payment. You will be whisked to the reception area where we will give you a short briefing about security measures. You will then be escorted to the helicopter and take off for the chosen tour. Upon return you will be escorted from the helicopter to the briefing area and the exit.

  • Corail Helicopter Tours Office
  • Grand Case Airport
  • Grand Case
  • St. Martin

Luxury Helicopter Tour in St. Maarten



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