Arawak Pure Sailing Tour

The Arawak Pure Sailing Tour is an adventure filled sailing excursion to remote islands that are part of Anguilla's Nature Reserve. We either sail to Dog Island, Prickly pear or Little Bay for some great walks and snorkeling. Drinks and sandwiches included. Book Now!

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Excursion Description:

Pure sailing on a World Class catamaran!

A once in a lifetime experience on this ocean racing catamaran. Discover the thrill of speeds up to 20 knots or even more without needing any sailing experience.
On this remarkable catamaran we bring a privileged group of up to 12 people maximum. You won’t get the same experience than with any other charter!

We can also visit destinations not available to the bigger charter boats, like Dog Island or Little Bay.

For the best possible experience, the choice of the destination will based on current weather conditions. We go to either one of:

Dog Island
Dog Island is located approximately 8 miles northwest of the main island of Anguilla. This rocky, uninhabited island is one of the Caribbean’s most important Bird Areas. Dog island is home to over 100,000 pairs of nesting sea birds. The island is surrounded by one of Anguilla’s five marine parks designed to preserve and protect the natural beauty, flora, and fauna of the underwater environment. The coast line is characterised by low cliffs alternating with sandy beaches.

Littlel bay
To really get away from the crowd, visit Littlebay which can only be accessed by water. Plunge 20 feet into crystal clear waters from Littlebay’s famous “Jumping Rock”. You will observe a wide variety of sea-life including turtles, parrot fish, stingrays, gardeneels and other tropical fish. One of the best destinations for snorkeling. The tiny beach is a perfect place to just relax…

Prickly Pear
On arrival you will enjoy a perfect snorkeling (equipment provided) or a nice swimming in awesome turquoise blue water. This is the perfect destination if you are looking forward to a relaxing day with beautiful snorkeling possibilities and a perfect palm tree beach on a pristine white sandy beach. Best to visit on days when the big catamarans are not there…

What is included?

  • Plain croissant
  •  Open bar: soft drinks + beer (Heineken)
  • Sandwiches made with French baguette
  • Snorkel equipment (instruction available) and floating belts
  • Check also the boat information

What to bring?

  • Your passport
  • Your own beach towels (and swimsuit ;-))
  • Dry change, sun glass, caps, sun cream
  • Dry change of clothes (you will be wet when you return)
  • Shoes such as trainers than can get wet (clean shoes are allowed to be worn on board)
  • Extra cash for Bluebeard t-shirts, caps, bags, tips etc.

Where to go:

  • Buccaneer’s Beach Bar
  • Kimsha Beach
  • Simpson Bay
  • St. Maarten
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Arawak Pure Sailing Tour