12 Meter Challenge Tour in St. Maarten

On the 12 Meter Challenge Tour in St. Maarten, you will be racing the famous America's Cup sail boats. You will be given a task on board, winching, trimming sails, or you can choose to simply watch as each team does their best to win the race. Be prepared for lots of excitement!



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During your stay on this delightful Dutch / French island, thrill to the exhilaration of America’s Cup Yacht Racing in the warm blue waters and brisk trade winds of the Caribbean.

The 12 Meter Challenge Tour was voted “The Number One Shore Excursion in the Caribbean” for TEN years. Dennis Conner’s America’s Cup winning Stars & Stripes, Canada II and True North are yours for this once in a lifetime adventure. Our expert crew will show you exactly what to do in your “crew members” position.

Then its off to the race course… grind a winchtrim a sailpunch a stop watch, or just sit back, relax, and enjoy the complimentary refreshments. For this unique adventure… this highlight of your holiday, previous sailing experience… is NOT necessary!


Each Regatta takes approximately three hours. On some days, this is subject to wind and water conditions, but every effort is made to keep to this schedule. Guests are requested to arrive 15 minutes before the departure time. As these boats are pure race boats, they have no toilet facilities aboard. Guests should make prior arrangements.

What to Bring

We recommend you wear soft soled running shoes. T-shirts and shorts over a swim suit is ideal. There is ample storage space below for beach bags, etc., and a small plastic bag to prevent a camera being splashed is a good idea.

Passports are not required and there is no departure tax. The only money you will require is for souvenirs and for (optional) crew gratuity.

Age Considerations

The minimum age is twelve years old: however, there are some young people, typically in a sailing family who have considerable sailing experience; are well aware of the potential hazards of sailing and have been trained to perform accordingly. In these cases, if the young person is accompanied by their parent, we will be pleased to accept young people to a minimum age of seven.

Guests with Special Needs

Every effort is made to accommodate “Guests with special needs”. However the nature of the St. Maarten “America’s Cup” 12 Metre Regatta is very participatory and the motion of the boats may cause problems for some. We therefore request that a guest with special needs be accompanied by a companion who has the capability of assisting the guest onto and off the boats. If the companion feels at the point of departure that the experience will prove to be too much for the guest, we will be happy to refund both tickets.

A Brief History

It all goes back to 1851 and Queen Victoria. Since then, men have spent small fortunes to win this most prestigious and oldest sporting trophy in the world. For 132 years the New York Yacht Club would not be beaten; then, in 1983 it was the Australians. They took the “Auld Mug” “Down Under” and set up the greatest America’s Cup of all time. After 354 individual yacht races, it was Dennis Conner with his fabulous Stars & Stripes campaign who won the trophy and brought it home to the U.S.A.

Is this the boat you will be racing? Could be…. for this is where it is, leading the fleet of the St. Maarten America’s Cup 12 Metre Regatta.

Join us to experience an adventure of a lifetime; the thrill of competition and a slice of history.



Where to go:

  • 12 Meter Regatta office
  • Dock Maarten marina
  • Philipsburg
  • St. Maarten

Important! Only a 15 minute walk from the cruise ship terminal in Philipsburg.

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12 Meter Challenge Tour in St. Maarten