St Maarten Car Rentals

Need to rent a car in St. Maarten? Are you wondering if you should? Then you have come to the right place to learn all about St. Maarten Car Rentals. Please take a look at all of the best car rental companies in St. Maarten. And scroll to the bottom of this page to find out why you should rent a car for your vacation!

All the best St. Maarten Car Rentals are just below! They offer the best rates, great cars and are backed up by professional teams that care about your vacation and experience with us in St. Maarten. So don’t hesitate and rent a car in St. Maarten:

Leisure Car Rental

Check out Leisure Car Rental and their great team for an awesome car rental experience for your stay in St. Maarten.

SAX Car Rental

Take a look at SAX Car Rental for some great deals, quality cars and excellent customer service throughout your vacation!

Why rent a car in St. Maarten?

At SXM Deals, we often have guests asking if they should rent a car in St. Maarten for their vacation. Here is why we think you should rent a car in St. Maarten!

St. Maarten is very different to many other Caribbean islands especially where All Inclusive Resorts are common. When visiting St. Maarten, you can’t just stay at your beach resort as that is NOT how it works here!

There are probably more nationalities in St. Maarten than any other Caribbean island which means that we have so many amazing restaurants, offering all kinds of cuisine: Creole, French, Dutch, Haitian, Jamaican, Indian, Asian and a lot more. Often, most dishes are St. Maarten inspired. You need to rent a car to visit all these restaurants!

Our little island has more than 27 beaches and most of them are absolutely stunning! They are all worth visiting, some offer snorkeling and watersports (Jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, kitesurfing, surfing and the list goes on…). Our beaches are certainly one of our biggest attractions! The only way you stand a chance at seeing at least 20% of our beaches is with the help of one of our fabulous St . Maarten car rental companies at the top of this page.

Half of the island is French and the other half is Dutch, each side has its own rules, atmosphere, specialties and cultural history. So whether you are staying with the French or with the Dutch, you’ll want to visit the other side of the island. Don’t worry, there is no border control to drive to either side. Our borders our invisible, you only need a smile to cross it!

And let’s not forget all our beach bars offering cocktails and dishing out snacks right on the beach, imagine sipping a cocktail in crystal clear water with a Caribbean backdrop!

Then we have all our shopping on Front street in Philipsburg, West Indies mall and French boutiques in Marigot and some shops even stay open late in Maho!

On top of all this, we have a very vibrant nightlife with casinos, night clubs, more restaurants and bars.

So think about it, in most cases, you only have a week to visit all of our attractions and get into our way of life. You ain’t going to do it by foot, you need to rent a car in St. Maarten!!!

Still not sure, give us a call toll free 1 800 456 4074 and we’ll convince you!

If you are convinced, then check out our trusted car rental companies above as they are the best.

St. Maarten Car Rentals

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