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Have you seen the playstation in Simpson Bay, St. Maarten?

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When we were growing up in Holland, my mother had a brilliant idea; she had an old minicooper (without the engine) moved into our backyard for my brother and I to play in. It was awesome, and I wish every kid out there could have that experience of being able to play in a real vehicle at least once in their childhood!

On St Maarten, Mike Yates, the owner of Aqua Mania, is just as awesome as my mom, because he came up with this crazy cool idea: transform a catamaran into a floating, wet and wild playground for kids!


He used a catamaran hull, which was previously used for nude cruises departing from Orient Beach (talk about a change for this vessel!), and installed water slides, Tarzan swings and diving boards all over this floating piece of fun. The playstation is located just off the Simpson Bay Resort beach in Simpson Bay, off course in the sea, so kids will need to know how to swim to go on it… Don’t know which beach this is? It’s the bluest one with the whitest sands you can see once you stand on top of the “hill” by the lookout point called “Bethel”.

Imagine sliding down different slides, and instead of landing in a noisy, chemical filled pool, you end up in crystal clear, salt warm waters among some pretty amazing fish!

Let your kids be Tarzan without the worry of them falling on the ground and getting hurt, they will instead fall into soft waters!

Let your sons climb to their hearts content, without having to yell “be careful, don’t fall! You’ll get hurt!” all the time! There is no getting hurt when falling in to the waters! (Unless you land flat on your tummy, but hopefully that’s not going to happen!) . I know where I am taking my sons once they get a little older!


The hours of entertainment this floating playground provides is priceless!  And gives mom and dad a break!


The Playstation is open every day from 10am-4pm, and the fee to get on is only 20$ for a full day, 10$ for a half day.

Off course adults can go along for free as mom and dad will want to supervise the fun, but just remember this is for the kids!

Not for us “big kids”, the equipment will not be able to hold us and we may make the poor catamaran sink…. Not really, but seriously, the playstation is for kiddos so just keep that in mind when you’re looking at all the fun your kids are having and you feel tempted to join in 🙂


So when you’re in St Maarten next time, and you have kiddos to entertain, make sure to give the Playstation a go! And not the playstation that connects to the TV 🙂

To find out more, call Aqua Mania at (721) 544 2640! The playstation is located just out front of the Simpson bay resort.

Written by Jennefer Pers.

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