Butterfly Farm st maarten

Go See The Butterfly Farm In St. Maarten

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There aren’t many creatures on earth that can boast the amount of beauty, transformation, and mystery that a butterfly can.

Butterflies never fail to captivate their audience, young or old, and with very good reason!

Butterfly Farm (5)
Just imagine walking through a lush tropical rain forest amidst the most beautiful flowers and trees, ponds and a small trickling waterfall with butterflies flying everywhere around you in their own natural paradise. Within large meshed enclosures you can see hundreds of real exotic butterflies flying freely, a beautiful display of the most spectacular species from all over the world…

Butterfly Farm st maarten

Butterfly Farm

Every half an hour a friendly tour guide will gather interested ones together to open the magical world of butterflies, and let you have a peek inside… They will show you where all the tiny eggs are hiding, what the caterpillars eat and where they love to hang out.
They will show you the different pupas for the different species, explaining how long they incubate and how long they will live once they emerge as a butterfly.
They will give you tips for when you go home, so that you can have a butterfly attracting yard/balcony right at your fingertips!

Ever witnessed the magic of seeing a butterfly emerge from its pupa, and taking its very first flight? Be sure to come in the morning hours and you might be able to see this spectacular process!

Wear bright colors and the butterflies will flutter around you as if you were the prettiest flower they’ve ever seen.

Wear a citrus cologne or sunscreen (after all, we are in the Caribbean!), and they will not just flutter, but also land on you!

You’ll be sure to feel like a prince or princess in a fairy tale!

Butterfly Farm St. Maarten

Butterfly farm is captivating for young and old!

Weathered many storms, hurricane Louis in 1995 as well as hurricane Lenny in 1999, and much more recent Speedy hurricane Gonzalo in October 2014.

More awesome butterfly photos:

They lost many butterflies in the storm but the wonderful staff came together and built it back up from scratch, breeding the species and making it flourish once again.
Once you visit here, you’ll feel like part of the family as the staff truly makes you realize you are on “the Friendly Island”!

They also have a one of a kind gift shop with all things butterfly, so you’re sure to find something unique for friends and family back home, while also supporting this very beautiful and important place!

Butterfly Farm SXM

So the next time you’re visiting our beautiful island of Sint Maarten, be sure to visit this magical place and let your hearts flutter with joy and amazement at these most delicate creatures!

For more information and butterfly tips, feel free to go to and make sure to check out some pictures!

Here is an interesting article and guide about butterflies and how to take care of them:

Written by Rock Star author “Jennefer Pers”.

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