Get your food stoned at the Stone restaurant in St. Maarten

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Who hasn’t heard the saying “aah, NOW we’re cooking on gas!”. How about we change it up, and say “aah, NOW we’re cooking on… stones!”. Yes, you read that right, STONES…

Remember back in the day, before processed foods, trans fats, counting calories and all that other nasty stuff took over our food? Remember just being able to enjoy food guilt free because it was made the right way, with all the vitamins and no artificial stuff inside? Now, what did we use to cook on back then? Fire and… stones!

Now, how absolutely cool would it be to go back in time, but with our modern comforts still in place(knife, fork, plates and electricity anyone?), and eat food that was cooked on special cooking stones?

And placed in front of you at your table, to keep warm on:  stones? How’s THAT for a centerpiece?

stone restaurant (2)

Well, come to Sint Maarten, and go back in time… experience cooking that focuses on the taste and aromas of the food, not merely on how it looks on a plate… On our island we have a restaurant in Pelican Key, called (drumroll please!)…… “The Stone Restaurant. I know, you would’ve never guessed it right?

Stone restaurant sxm
Stone restaurant sxm

Well, this is how it works: They start the cooking process with a good sear, then simmer it to a temperature just below of what you ordered. So for example if you ordered the fillet mignon cooked to medium, they will prepare it to medium-rare. Then they will bring the steak to your table, and it will finish in front of you on a stone… You get to decide how “done” you want your steak! As they like to say in the restaurant:  “it’s your dinner, shouldn’t you decide when it’s stone-cooked to perfection?”

the stone restaurant st maarten
The creator/owner/Master chef of this unique experience of a restaurant, is Johann Roebert. His conviction is that everything starts with a dream, and the secret to success is never to give up, and to be your own worst critic. This has certainly helped in making “The Stone” such a high standard restaurant, the food being impeccable and the service as you would expect on our “friendly island”! He came to our island when he was only 20 years old, fresh-faced and very motivated.

He became a chef on a 101 foot sailing yacht first… Afterwards, he’s taken on a job as head chef for another restaurant and decided to open up his own location in 2006, and then moved to the waterfront place he’s at now, in Pelican in 2009. The view of the marina, with the different boats coming and going, the sea breeze blowing gently and making that yummie looking food in front of you smell so so good, makes this experience even sweeter. And no need to worry about your food cooling off too fast, just leave it on the cooking stone!

They serve lunch and dinner, and have a fully stocked wine bar for that perfect wine to compliment the perfect stone dish…

So next time you’re visiting Sint Maarten, go back in time and get “stoned” the right way… Come and enjoy this unique experience, you will see it won’t leave you (stone?)cold!

stone restaurant sxm

For more information and menus, to make reservations and read more about the chef, feel free to visit their website at

Written by Rock Star author “Jennefer Pers”.

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Ed Harrigan January 13, 2015 at 11:57 am

Gotta compliment this writer, she’s good! Had me laughing reading this at work, my coworkers looking at me like I’m losing it!
Keep up the great work, hope to read more!

SXM Deals January 13, 2015 at 12:06 pm

Hi Ed, Glad you liked it. Please do mention our articles to friends also interested in St. Maarten 🙂

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