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Welcome to the Caribbean baby!

If you’ve made it here, there is a good chance that you are planning to explore a wonderful little piece of earth called the “Caribbean”.

And we are here to help you with your journey!

We’ve put together an amazing list of some very interesting Caribbean blogs that are all related to what is happening, what to see and what to get up to do in the Caribbean.

Some of the blogs are about bars, beaches, lots of rum and plenty of islands. Everything you would need to survive the Caribbean dream.

So check out all of these awesome places:

Backpacking the Caribbean

Backpacking the Caribbean is an online cultural travel hub that connects the traveler to an authentic Caribbean experience through travel guides, planning tools, cultural conversations, and the local people. We help the traveler navigate the islands sustainably and on a budget as well as assist in understanding them culturally. To make these experiences come to life, we provide materials and advice to help the traveler plan fun and fulfilling trips.

Caribbean Trading Co. Blog

Straight out of Puerto Rico, Captain Tim and the crew of Caribbean Trading Company share Caribbean recipes, lifestyle and adventure tips of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

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