Booking Excursions and Tours in St. Maarten with SXM Deals Now Simplified Through Credit Card Purchases

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SXM Deals, one of the tourism industry leaders of booking excursions and tours in St. Maarten, announces the recent acceptance of credit cards in conjunction for the rising demand of travel to the island.

Due to the increase in demand for tours and excursions to St. Maarten, SXM Deals is now proud to announce the acceptance of major credit cards to help streamline the online booking process.

According to an article this week from West Indies News Network and recent statements from the St. Maarten Travel Bureau, travel to St. Maarten and tours booked in the country is at an all-time high. WINN went on to explain that Canadians travel to St. Maarten is up 12.1% from six month measures in 2012.

According to Expedia and WINN, travel to the Caribbean island of St. Maarten is flourishing rapidly, even despite less than ideal economies around the world. Flights from around the world to St. Maarten saw over a 3,000 flight increase just since last year.

SXM Deals is the only major tour company to offer a fully functioning online booking experience specifically dedicated to St. Maarten tours. Now, with the addition of the acceptance of credit card payment for tours, excursions, and accommodations, SXM Deals offers tourists options of how they would like to plan and purchase exciting vacation packages.

Founder and CEO of SXM Deals, Michael Rouveure commented, “We wanted to include the credit card payment option as a way to help enhance our travelers’ booking experience on the website. Before everything went through PayPal, which is still an option, but on the whole this change makes planning to take-off much simpler, and makes our clients much happier.”

Undoubtedly adding to the attractive idea of traveling to St. Maarten for many tourists is the extensive availability of boat tours and activities. The excursion and outdoor nature of the island attributes to the surge in travel to St. Maarten, and of which SXM Deals has been a prominent player by helping visitors decipher which are the best boat tours in St. Maarten and the best activities.

“With any tourism-based business, it’s vital to ensure the trip is as fun-filled, active, and memorable from beginning to end. The trip really starts when clients begin their search online. By providing a safe and secure space to browse outings, SXM Deals is becoming one of the ambassadors of the island, said Rouveure.”

Although SXM Deals booking service now incorporates the acceptance of credit cards, visitors are guaranteed the same high quality service as seen previously. The booking service is completely secure and very efficient. All St. Maarten excursions are also based on guest reviews and excellence of service.

Tourists arriving by cruise ship and airplane can now find information about the best offers for St. Maarten tours, book any excursion on a computer or mobile device, and import credit card information with a few taps or clicks.

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