Tintamarre Island Beach

January 7, 2021

The beach is absolutely stunning, the water is crystal clear just like in a pool and the sand is just perfect!The island is situated far off St. Maarten / St. Martin, therefore, it is necessary to use a boat to get to the island. A great way to visit the island is to go with Eagle Tours situated in Philipsburg, they have many tours going to the island and offer many very interesting services.vThere aren’t any restaurants or bars on Tintamarre island. The local inhabitants are the occasional goat, lizards, iguanas and hermit crabs all over so watch your toes when walking through the bushes!There is a very nice reef on one side of the beach which is very accessible so do bring your snorkel gear! The island is a nature reserve so please do respect it. No throwing away trash or picking up shells for yourself. This place is paradise and should stay that way. Try not to touch any of the reef either! This place is a must without exception, make sure you visit Tintamarre Island.No need for parking since you can’t drive to Tintamarre!

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