Maho Bay Beach

January 5, 2021

Planes land just behind the beach at Juliana Airport, bringing Boeing 747′s only a few feet above your head as you stand on the beach sipping away a cocktail from the local bar. Juliana Airport (SXM) has the smallest runway in the world where Jumbo jets land and take off!Watch the below videos for some crazy landings ![video source="youtube" video_id="rpBmChT4KTs?rel=0" /]You will see all kinds of crazy things going on at this beach, from people being blown away by taking off airplanes to women drinking for free when topless at Sunset Beach Bar.The beach is beautiful, the sand is just as nice and you can also grab lunch at Sunset Beach Bar situated on the beach.There is also ample parking in the area.This is also a favorite spot because when you have to pick up a friend from the airport, you can stop by the bar. They have a schedule of all incoming flights for the day on a surfboard at the beach. Drink till the plane you are waiting lands, no more boring waits at the airport. Or Vice versa, head on to Sunset Beach bar before your flight takes off and have a few good bye drinks! You will feel a lot better afterwards when going through the immigration/baggage process.Happy take off!

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