Happy Bay Beach

January 12, 2021

There are three ways to get to Happy Bay:1) Simply by boat if you have one…2) As you are leaving Grand-Case, take a right off the road and continue until you reach a locked fence. From there you have to jump over the fence and walk through the run down and vacant ghost hotel and head towards the ocean.3) This is the most recommended option, simply drive to Friars Bay beach, park your car there and walk to the far end of Friars Bay beach. At the end, you will find a dirt trail that leads you through bushes and over a hill. Stick to the path and you will find Happy Bay beach. Happy Bay is sort of a fun adventure trip and you will be well rewarded when you get there. Hardly any beach goers, no restaurants, no cars, no nothing except the beach, the ocean, palm trees, the occasional adventurer like yourself and most probably the French, naked again! Make sure you bring water with you! Another recommendation, don’t linger around till dark. You will be alone and there isn’t any help around in-case there is a problem. Best to leave Happy Bay around 17h30 and head over to the Friars Bay Cafes on the beach and party all night long to reggae music. Good luck!

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