Baie Rouge, what's so special about this Caribbean beach?

January 12, 2021

Ever wondered why they call this beach "Baie Rouge"? This beach is located on the French side of St. Martin, a Caribbean island divided into two nations that live together as one (French (French Antilles) and Dutch (Netherlands Antilles)).And so, it comes down to the fact that "Baie Rouge" is a French name which means Red Bay in English.Now  this beach isn't called Red Bay because there was a bloody battle between Arawaks and colonists (Not true) but more due to the colour of the rocks and cliffs surrounding the beach.Much of the rock at Baie Rouge is red!


Baie Rouge is a beautiful beach with a great view of Anguilla (Flat island). The beach is bordered by beautiful villas.You can also enjoy lunch on the beach thanks to a few beach restaurants dishing out BBQ local style dishes.Renting an umbrella and beach chairs is very simple too, the beach boys are near to setup a nice little spot for you.There is a parking space just above the beach (Yes, you have to walk down a few stairs to reach the beach) just above but it gets filled up very quickly on the weekends, so make sure you arrive early!Baie Rouge is a special beach for many islands visitors because it has its own character and gives off a cozy feeling while resting along its shore.We hope you enjoyed this little article about Baie Rouge!

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