Random Wind Paradise Day Sail Tour in St. Maarten

On the Random Wind Paradise Day Sail Tour in St. Maarten, we really sail with the engine off as much as possible, swim, snorkel, eat, drink, swing from the Tarzan swing. We also have a spa quality mud bath for you. If you want to fish, we can troll a fishing line!

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Tour Description:

The Random Wind Paradise Day Sail Tour in St. Maarten runs from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  We try to limit the tour to 16-18 people for some serious chillin’! Our maximum number of passengers is 22.

We usually stop twice; once on the French side and once on the Dutch side. We also usually pass the airport twice and get to see several planes land and take off.

The day usually goes like this:

We meet at 9:45 at Skipjack’s in Simpson Bay. Skipjack’s is located in the heart of Simpson Bay – right on the lagoon. It is among the best restaurants on St. Martin – you should certainly have lunch or dinner there at least once during your stay. Please wait outside of the restaurant as they are not open in the morning when we meet.

We get out to the boat by dinghy. Our 14 foot dinghy will take 8 people out to the boat at a time. Each trip takes 5 mins or so. Once on the boat we check in. We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express and traveler’s checks. We certainly prefer cash if you can swing it, but we don’t charge any extra for credit cards.

Once checked in we do a quick safety talk and off we go. We will typically motor out of the bay and put the sails up. If there is enough wind we always shut the engine off and make way completely under sail when we can.

While underway we serve drinks, with and without alcohol. Whatever you can think of, as long as we have it, it’s yours and included. We always carry rum, gin, vodka, tequila as well as scotch, whiskey, etc. We do carry top shelf so if you have a favorite – be sure to ask. We always have rum punch and bloody Mary’s on the ready. We also have sodas, juices and bottled water.

Our first stop is usually Baie Longue – on the French side. There we are greeted by a school of Palometa Jack fish. They are sweet and friendly. We feed and swim with them. The beach is lovely and quiet. Snorkeling here you may see starfish, stingray, barracuda, blue tang among others. Turtles also may show up. Some choose to stay on board and chill on the cushioned seats. Some in the sun, some in the shade. Where ever you sit on Random Wind, the seats are cushioned and seriously comfortable. Try out the stand up paddle board, do the mud bath, chill in the Caribbean Blue with a noodle and a drink – not too shabby.

After about an hour – lunch is ready. Homemade in the yacht’s galleyfresh every day. A delicious blend of mild spices and sweet coconut milk make this chicken and rice dish a favorite. (Yes, you can have the recipe!) Once lunch is served and everyone is happily eating, your hostess will do a dedicated backflip off the bowsprit. Anyone can jump from there as well – if you dare! It really isn’t that high.

Cookies and chocolates follow. Call for last dip before we head over to Mullet Bay on the Dutch side. This is a great beach with lovely water and is one of the more popular on this side of the island. If you are staying on Saint Martin – be sure to visit this beach for the day. This stop is where we usually do the infamous Tarzan Swing. Everyone can do it – we stand on the rail and hold on to a solid trapeze swing, and in we go! You can do this alone or with your fiancee (thus earning your free honeymooner tshirts!) or partner/friend. Your crew can show you the back flip and front dive; but simply holding on and swinging in is such good fun. We often will have contests if the young and spry are up for it!

On the way back to Simpson Bay – nice snacks are served. Of course drinks and music are served all day until you are off the boat – and even then, you are welcome to take a roadie! While relaxing on the way back, we will let you know that we have t-shirts available – only $10 each for quality t’s and tanks. There is also a basket that is available if you wish to leave a gratuity.

One last thing to remember on your Paradise Day Sail… if you are celebrating something special, please let us know – We always find ways to make it special!

Where to go:

  • In front of Skip Jack’s restaurant
  • Simpson Bay
  • St. Maarten

Important! To get to this location from the cruise port & terminal, simply catch a taxi within the cruise port (There are plenty) and asked to be taken to the Skip Jack’s restaurant in Simpson Bay. It is a 25 minute drive.

Center map

Random Wind Paradise Day Sail Tour in St. Maarten


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